All companies want the same thing. Repeatable, Predictable, Profitable Growth!

But too few achieve it. Too many leaders try programs such as quality or sales training that treat symptoms, but fail to address root cause. Over 85% of change initiatives fail to add value because they don't consider the entire organization. Quick fixes and one-and-done programs don't create lasting value. Increased valuations and reduced stress can only come from all functions being in sync. We focus on clarity and execution as outlined below.

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Podcast Interview

I've been a guest on numerous podcasts talking about my view of business. Go to the podcast page to watch the videos. 


Bottom Line Focus &
Conscious Business Development

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private coaching
Organizational Analysis

We use online analysis tools that can be segmented into layers within your organization. We have two levels of analysis, both available. These include  coaching at a nominal price.

USDA & SBA Loan Assistance

I have a network of contacts specializing in both USDA and SBA guaranteed loans. I also have contacts with asset based lenders that can free up cash on inventory and equipment.  I've worked with clients to secure packages in all three.

Private Consulting / Coaching

 We help CEOs clarify, document, and execute their overall business development strategy built on the vision for their company. We also offer in-depth training and process improvement coaching in continuous improvement best practices.

Our efforts help business owners prepare for a successful transition.

CEO Journey 

Companies I sold to as a mid-tier founder & CEO of multi-million dollar businesses.

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Recent Posts

Carl Barton

 President Aardvark Memphis

Martin worked with us on the development and execution of a strategic plan that helped us clarify our vision and direction. We have since expanded into new facilities and have established a firm foothold in our market. It was a pleasure working with him.

Larry Allen

Sr, Vice President First Alliance Bank


10:00 am

Martin gave me a copy of his book, Bottom Line Focus and after reading it, the bank purchased copies for all of our branch managers and commercial lenders. Martin held a seminar for the branch managers and lenders on the book, and the bank incorporated some of its principles in establishing its vision and core values as a direct result. We also had Martin hold a monthly seminar for 12 of our business clients using the business principles outlined in his book. All attending enjoyed the sessions and got meaningful information to run their companies successfully. 

Steve Glidewell

President Elite Elastomers


11:30 am

What sets Marty apart from other strategic advisors is that he has lived the part in his career.  He knows that a strategy is only as good as a company’s ability to implement that plan at all organization levels.

Marty is uniquely equipped to advise leaders on how to fully implement a strategic plan because he has done it himself.  Marty’s advice is insightful and effective, and I would definitely recommend him as an excellent strategic consultant.

Robert Dexter

President Fibre Craft


11:30 am

Martin helped us develop a strategic plan and improve operating margins. He also worked with Focus Group to restructure our debt and secure a $4.5M loan package secured by USDA guarantees.