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Are You a Business Owner, Founder, or CEO Who Wants to Create Wealth for You
and Your Stakeholders? 

That may seem like an obvious question. Of course you do.
But do you have a solid plan to improve your results?




We have too much information and not enough knowledge. What’s missing is clarity. Knowledge is a means to an end. The end is wisdom, where knowledge, discernment. And understanding combine to produce a positive outcome.
You can’t have a positive outcome without clarity. What information is valid?
 I don't have all the answers. I do have the experience to ask the right questions!
I work with founders, owners and CEOs of mid-tier companies that want to create wealth for themselves and their stakeholders by increasing their company’s valuation.


Are any of these true for you?

You lack a clear vision not only for the company but personally. You haven’t clarified what the business must provide to allow you to transition to the lifestyle you want.

You often experience shifting priorities resulting in low sales growth, increased costs, and high employee turnover.
You are frustrated by the true cost of “business as usual” resulting in profitability and cash flow instability.
You're frustrated you aren't getting a  get a consistent ROI on capital and human resources.
You feel you've wasted time and money on “one off” programs to address the current hot spot in the past with no lasting results.
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I'm Martin Harshberger and have been consulting with mid-tier companies for the past 17 years. Before that, I founded and ran a value-added logistics company that was named to the Inc 500 in our seventh year. I spent 15 years as a mid-tier CEO and experienced first-hand the issues and opportunities you face.
These are a few of the more common issues I've seen in working with hundreds of companies. I worked with large companies to outsource logistics operations to my company. In doing so I got great insight to some of the issues they had. In working with other organizations as a consultant, I realized that regardless of size companies face the same issues, it's just a question of scale. 

There is no magic bullet to create great companies. That's why short-term programs fail to add lasting value. It takes a deep understanding of where you want to go, where you are now, and what you have to do to get there and stay there. I created Results Driven Strategy to help business owners create value for themselves and their stakeholders. 

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