Mentorship Program: Repeatable Business Development for Business Owners and CEOs.

My Mentorship Program is Outlined Below.


I've spent 16 years as a founder and CEO and have scaled two companies to 8-figures. As a small business owner, I've sold services to Apple, HP, and American Express, to name a few.


I've spent 16 years consulting $5MM to $50MM companies across the United States. I've learned that the problems most companies experience are not unique and in fact are common across industries and markets. I've developed my program based on nearly 40 years of practical experience,


4 Step Framework

As a CEO, you're constantly pulled between dealing with critical day-to-day issues and finding time to develop strategies for putting your company in the best position to succeed in today's rapidly changing environment. The reality is you need to find time for both. One way to do that is to eliminate the "fire fighting" that interrupts business operations and causes shifting priorities and employee confusion on expectations. I've developed an online framework that will help you create a solid baseline for your business and develop a strategy for growth. This will be used as the basis for the mentorship program.  


Group and One-on-One Consulting

I will provide consulting and coaching to you as the CEO, and if applicable, group coaching with you and your staff in a virtual environment. This will involve an in-depth analysis of your organization and staff to develop a baseline for change. This will begin with a clarification of your needs and a mutually agreed upon statement of work defining your desired outcome.

This program is focused on execution and results. After analysis and plan completion we will focus on execution over an initial 12-month period. Most strategies are never executed! Most change initiatives fail! Our program focuses on results and results require execution.

I will also provide the option of on-site consulting with me for additional support or consulting with management teams. This option is available on an exception basis.

Monthly Mastermind Group


We are working with a partner to launch a mastermind group on non-competing business owners to provide a forum to discuss subjects that are important to you and your company with like-minded CEOs. I will facilitate this group at its inception but it should be member-driven to facilitate collaboration and open dialog to share best practices and common issues.  More on this later


My mentorship program offers a guaranteed return on investment. My fees are structured to ensure you get a mutually agreed upon ROI. Because of that, I need to ensure the people that enter the program are serious about wanting to make the effort to work with me. Learn more on a call to discuss.  



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Get access to our exclusive mentorship program. The program consists of:

Online framework: the exact steps you need to take prior to coaching sessions

Mentorship: video coaching & discussions with you and your staff

Accountability review with you, or you and staff members

Private consulting

12 month strategy development and execution consulting and coaching

Optional on-site consulting on an exception basis

 Together, we help small and mid-tier businesses to create value and continue to drive the economy. Let's co-create and build a better tomorrow!

Video Testimony

Matt Black | VP of Business Development  

Business Development That Every CEO Needs Today

As a CEO and then a consultant I've worked with hundreds of businesses. When I founded my 3rd party logistics company I worked with some of the marquee names in the computer industry on outsourcing segments of their operations. 

I can say with certainty that fresh eyes add value if they know what to look at. If 2020 taught us anything we need to better understand our business and be ready to flex in either direction.


My experience founding two companies has taught me the difficulty of succeeding as an entrepreneur. My experience with learning how hundreds of companies operate both through consulting and providing outsourced functions for them have taught me all businesses have problems. Successful ones clarify and eliminate them.

This mentorship program is for you if you want to: 


  • create predictability in your business

  • create profitable repeatable growth

  • execute strategy and solve recurring problems

  • add a holistic approach to business development that looks at all parts of the organization

  • improve your sales and marketing functions by clarifying your offer and selling on value

  • create a workplace that can attract and retain excellent people

  • show a solid return on investment 

  • Increase the value of your business and provide the best options for transition.