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#5: How to double your impact + What questions I’ll ask you.

Thanks, again, for letting me reveal all my secrets to connecting and sharing your industry knowledge with our podcast audience - and how to max out the opportunity to network and make connections digitally.

I know we just started off with you reaching out to be a guest on Manufacturing Supply Chain CEOs podcast- and you probably weren't expecting everything I've shared so far - but I can say that being a podcast guest
can really change your life.

I'm REALLY looking forward to your podcast interview.
Thank you so much for letting me be of service to you with these videos - and allowing me to share your story with our audiences. If you've watched what I've shared, it’s going to be an amazing show.




Video #1

Who our audience is – and how to tailor your message for maximum impact.

Video #2

How to look and sound ahhh...mazing!

Video #3

How to sell effectively to my audience.

Video #4

The current state of the supply chain industry!

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