All business leaders want the same thing. Repeatable, predictable, profitable growth.

To achieve this, you must be able to deliver a quality product or service on-time, at a price where the customer agrees that the value exceeds the cost.

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As a founder and CEO of two companies I was in a position to observe many companies large and small. Since we were essentially outsourcing a segment of their logistics operations, we were able to see the inner workings of these companies.


As a business coach for the past 16 years I was able to learn more about how numerous companies’ function.


My experience on both sides is that many business leaders are stressed, frustrated, and even questioning themselves. I know from my experience I felt that way often. Let’s face it the rewards of running a company can be significant, but the risks are always with you. You are responsible to the banks, your board, stakeholders, and to your employees.  I’ve had success and failure and learned to handle both.


I also realize that it’s difficult to trust and believe in outside help. There is a lot of noise in the marketplace offering partial solutions. I know that the word consultant created a negative  reaction from me as a CEO. My response is simple.


"Don't let anyone that hasn't walked in your shoes tell you how to tie your laces!"


I became a coach to share my experiences to help businesses prosper. Having taken that step myself twice, I respect anyone that has taken the risk and developed their own business.


Small business, those fewer than 500 employees, make up 99.7% of U.S. companies and create 64% of new jobs.


Statistics say that 50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years, and 66% within 10 years. It doesn’t address how many are underperforming and getting by.


Most of the above is directly related to failure to change in relation to markets and products. Successful businesses change before the market, they are proactive, not reactive.

If any of the above resonates with you, give me a call. Let's see if we might work together to reduce some stress and get you to love your business again.

How to Work With Me.

Step 1. Schedule a free 30 minute call to see if there is a mutual fit. No sales activity, just conversation.

Step 2. Take our free on-line analysis to get an overview of your current status.

Step 3. We will have an additional call to review the analysis and look at options

I like being a consultant because, with the right client, it is very rewarding. It gives me a meaningful purpose. But truthfully, great clients are a scarcity. Many want to grow and change but won't make the tough decisions to execute. 
My mentorship program is my way of paying it forward as a successful CEO, helping CEOs make a positive impact in our world. I think we can say that this program is my digital legacy. 

My Three Golden Nuggets for CEOs

1. You can't be an expert at everything, don't be afraid to talk to a trusted advisor. 


2.  Be honest with yourself. People, processes, strategies won't improve by themselves.


3. Not making a decision is in fact making a decision.