For Business Owners & CEOs Who Want to Add Predictability to Their Organizations and Increase Valuations.

My mentorship program is based on over 40 years of experience as both a CEO and as a coach. The focus is on execution!

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Organizational Analysis

Level 1 


Organizational analysis and review


Online organizational assessment tool


Compare your organization to others as a benchmark


Option to have analysis layered by levels


1-hour coaching call to discuss results


$1,500 and $500 credit on future purchases




Prioritization of goals to correct issues or take advantage of opportunities


3 – 4  Suggestions for improving your organization  

Level 2


Enhanced organizational change


Proprietary software tool providing insight on 47 distinct business principals required to operate a sustainable business. It looks at all functions as to:


  • Impact to profit

  • Impact to quality

  • Speed to implement

  • Speed to impact

  • Risk of not implementing

  • Difficulty of implementation

  • Cost to implement


8 hours of coaching to address highest priority issues and opportunities and develop options to address weaknesses and opportunities.







A readiness score to determine your company’s ability to grow and operate a sustainable business.


The analysis looks at four critical areas

  • Strategy

  • Execution

  • Money

  • People


Suggestions for solutions contained in each section


You will have a data driven document and an outline for your strategic plan.

I provide an objective outside look at your organization, supported by what I've seen in other companies.

Mastermind Group


A premium community for business owners and CEOs that want to invest in their business and personal growth. 


What to expect: Q&As with successful business owners, member-only mentorship and one-on-one sessions, business planning events, strategy reviews, collaboration & co-creation activities, discussions, and business debates.

 Available through a strategic partnership.

Enterprise Level Coaching


Both analysis tools


Implementation of my 4-step framework to repeatable and predictable business development


Results in a documented strategic plan to address the entire organization and ensure all functions are in sync.


12 months of coaching to help execute change initiatives and plan execution. 85% of change initiatives fail, only 10% of companies execute their strategy. This offering develops a strategy for predictability and drives execution.


Price quoted when statement of work and ROI expectations are clarified.




A documented data driven strategy to drive repeatable profitable growth


A plan and review schedule to execute that strategy


Regular monthly review and quarterly updates on barriers to execution.


Guaranteed mutually agreed upon ROI


Clarity of business purpose resulting in:

  • Increased employee engagement and retention

  • Increased profitability

  • Cost reduction

  • Improved cash flow

  • Improved financing options

  • Improved sales and marketing performance


Coaching is done virtually. On-site options are available.

ROI is determined by completion and mutual agreement on a statement of work and agreed upon ROI.

My Differentiator
Video Intro to the Mentorship Program


What you can expect from my mentorship program? Who am I and how I can help your business?