For Business Owners & CEOs Who Want to Grow Their Reoccuring Revenue


When Martin created his mentorship program, it was for business owners based on 40 years of practical experience.


Join Martin in a private group along with other owners and CEOs who engage in high-impact discussions and keep each other accountable. 

A community business owners and CEOs that want to grow through collaboration, co-creation, knowledge sharing, and focused work. Included with the mentorship program.

Community challenges, group coachings, Q&As, guest speakers,  and rewards.

Mastermind Group


A premium community for business owners and CEOs that want to invest in their business and personal growth. 


You'll receive 90-day free access to this private mentoring group when you sign up for my mentoring program. 


What to expect: Q&As with successful business owners, member-only mentorship and one-on-one sessions, business planning events, strategy reviews, collaboration & co-creation activities, discussions, and business debates.


 Two options are available. The standard with the program is one-on-one in a private group setting.

The second option is one-on-one coaching with regularly scheduled video calls.


In both, Martin helps CEOs clarify, document, and execute their strategy while supporting the vision for their business.



About the Mentoring Program
Video Intro to the Mentorship Program


What you can expect from my mentorship program? Who am I and how I can help your business?

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