For Business Owners & CEOs Who Want to Add Predictability to Their Organizations and Increase Valuations.

My mentorship program is based on over 40 years of experience as both a CEO and as a coach. The focus is on execution!

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Organizational Analysis

Level 1 


Organizational analysis and review


Online organizational assessment tool


Compare your organization to others as a benchmark


Option to have analysis layered by levels


1-hour coaching call to discuss results


$1,500 and $500 credit on future purchases




Prioritization of goals to correct issues or take advantage of opportunities


3 – 4  Suggestions for improving your organization  

Level 2


Enhanced organizational change


Proprietary software tool providing insight on 47 distinct business principals required to operate a sustainable business. It looks at all functions as to:


  • Impact to profit

  • Impact to quality

  • Speed to implement

  • Speed to impact

  • Risk of not implementing

  • Difficulty of implementation

  • Cost to implement


8 hours of coaching to address highest priority issues and opportunities and develop options to address weaknesses and opportunities.







A readiness score to determine your company’s ability to grow and operate a sustainable business.


The analysis looks at four critical areas

  • Strategy

  • Execution

  • Money

  • People


Suggestions for solutions contained in each section


You will have a data driven document and an outline for your strategic plan.

I provide an objective outside look at your organization, supported by what I've seen in other companies.

        SBA & USDA Loans

I've worked with numerous companies including my own to position them to secure loan guarantees from both the USDA and SBA. I have contacts with banks and advisors and have experience with the documentation required for presentation. I also have contacts with asset based lenders, that can often free up cash using assets that commercial banks don't allow such as inventory. This service can be included with enterprise coaching packages.

Enterprise Level Coaching


Both analysis tools


Implementation of my 4-step framework to repeatable and predictable business development


Results in a documented strategic plan to address the entire organization and ensure all functions are in sync.


12 months of coaching to help execute change initiatives and plan execution. 85% of change initiatives fail, only 10% of companies execute their strategy. This offering develops a strategy for predictability and drives execution.


Price quoted when statement of work and ROI expectations are clarified.




A documented data driven strategy to drive repeatable profitable growth


A plan and review schedule to execute that strategy


Regular monthly review and quarterly updates on barriers to execution.


Guaranteed mutually agreed upon ROI


Clarity of business purpose resulting in:

  • Increased employee engagement and retention

  • Increased profitability

  • Cost reduction

  • Improved cash flow

  • Improved financing options

  • Improved sales and marketing performance


Coaching is done virtually. On-site options are available.

ROI is determined by completion and mutual agreement on a statement of work and agreed upon ROI.

My Differentiator
Video Intro to the Mentorship Program


What you can expect from my mentorship program? Who am I and how I can help your business?