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Guest Speaker: I Want to Support Your Podcast Show & Listeners 

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This page is dedicated to entrepreneurs worldwide who host business podcasts and digital events serving the needs of small and mid-tier businesses and consulting and coaching practices that support them. I want to help you help your listeners.  Consider this my way of paying it forward by helping the CEOs of small businesses survive and develop sustainable business growth.

Many business owners are on the verge of giving up and could use a shoulder to lean onto to push through one of the worse economic times small businesses have faced. Others are trying to launch or scale their business or practice as there hasn't been a greater need for online coaching and consulting services. This short-term crisis will pass, businesses must come out of it stronger and better prepared.

Let's do this together!

Crisis & Opportunity Management Topics 

  • Strategy and its role in sustainable business development.

  • Why most strategies and change initiatives fail.

  • Why you should always have their business ready to sell.

  • Why some businesses fail and others prosper in a downturn.

  • Strategy execution is the missing link.

  • Why leadership development, and other change management programs fail to add value.

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